Open letter of the citizens of BiH to the International Community

Otkaz / Dismissed

Otkaz / Dismissed

UN – Secretary General
Council of Europe
International governmental organizations


Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to inform you that as of today, 1 July 2013, the Members of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, are DISMISSED.

Let us remind you that the discontented citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been demanding urgent adoption of a legal framework that would allow for the registration of newborn children in master registers, as well as responsible conduct of those officials whose obstructionism sparked demonstrations and protests throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina in the first place. Their disproportionate, enormous salaries do not reflect the quality of their work. These salaries are a result of egotistical and monopolistic decision making and efforts to protect their personal interests. Their salaries have to be significantly reduced, at least by 30%, and the difference must be dedicated to financing critically ill children of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Members of Parliament flagrantly ignored our demands, and in doing so, they demonstrated that they are no longer credible representatives of the citizens of BiH.

We urge you to withdraw all your previous invitations to the representatives of BiH to meetings, conferences and other formal events. This will clearly show the BiH politicians that they finally have to take responsibility and do the job they were elected to do. We, the citizens, have decided to strip them of their mandate and to take away the credibility they have already lost. We do not want such politicians to represent us, neither in the country, nor abroad.

From this day onwards, they are no longer our representatives – we, the citizens, have DISMISSED them. In addition, we urge you to cancel all planned official visits to our country, because, from today, you do not have legitimate interlocutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo, 1 July 2013

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina



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