PICT0005WHO WE ARE: We are citizens of this country – parents with children, students, housekeepers, workers, unemployed, pensioners, regardless of our ethnic or religious background or any other status, and we share the common interest that rights of all persons, above all the rights of children, are fully observed. We represent no organisation or political party, nor we want for any of the 191 political parties, the countless local and foreing NGOs and associations, international and local institutions, initiatives, formal and informal groups to speak in the name of citizens. If necessary, we are prepared to list you all by name, because we want to make a clear distinction between you and the citizens. We have no organizers and everybody is welcome to support the #jmbg initiative, but only as individual citizens with full first and last name, and not in any other way.  


  1. Adoption of the Law on JMBG – and IMMEDIATELY. More specifically, we, the citizens of BiH, demand an adoption of a Law that will fully respect the Decision U3/11 of the Constitutional Court which ordered our elected representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly to synchronize Article 5 of the Law on JMBG with the BiH Constitution.  
  2. Creation of a state Solidarity Fund that would finance the treatment abroad for citizens for whom proper treatment is not available in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
  3. MPs and ministers of the Council of Ministers should give up 30% of their salaries for the duration of their term in office in favour of the proposed Solidarity Fund. 
  4. The protesters that took part in the blockade of the Parliament shall not be prosecuted or subjected to repressive measures by the authorities.  

FROM WHOM: We demand from the MPs to start doing their jobs, for which they are handsomely paid. Paid by us. If our politicians don't meet our demands, we expect from the High Representative of the international community to act on his promise and impose the Law on Unique Master Citizen Number.  

WHY?: We want to see those demands met, because we care about the future of all children in BiH, no matter what their name is, where they come from. It is the politicians who are supposed to serve us, not the other way around! 

HOW: We intend to use democratic and nonviolent means to show them that we are, in fact, their employers and that they have to do their job! We rejected offers by domestic and foreing organisations, indluding political parties to finance the protests. Any independent assistance and support in organisation is necessary. Join the process of creation of protests and bring assistance in kind, props, banners and other necessities. Come for a coffee in front of the Parliament and join in with your proposals and suggestions. It is a place where all citizens can join in the creation of our and your actions. We also act through social networkd platforms – Twitter: @JMBGzasve and Facebook: JMBG za sve #jmbg za sve and the website  jmbg.org, the content of which is created by all those who decide to join our communications group. We are in constant contact with the other cities all over Bosnia and Herzegovina who support our common goal. Those who haven't done that so far, can contact our group for cooperation with other cities.  

This protest is for the babies! The pacifier is our only symbol! 

WHERE DO WE GATHER: at 11:55, in front of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH 

WHEN DID WE START AND FOR HOW LONG WE INTEND TO GO ON: the #jmbg protest started on June 5, 2013, when a group of citizens gathered in revolt over the threat against the life of the three-month old Belmina Belmine Ibrišević from Gračanica and will continue until June 30, 2013, the deadline that the citizens gave to the MPs to adopt the Law on Unique Master Citizen Numbers. 


  • June 5, Blockade of the exit ramp of the Parliament's garage by private automobiles 
  • June 6, Blockade of all exits of the two buildings 
  • June 7 – June 11, Coffee in front of the Parliament and workshops for children 
  • June 11, Central protest rally
  • June 11 – June 30, the Silence Campaign, the Parliament works with accompanying acitvities 
  • June 18, #JMBG protest with support of BiH bands 

WHO DO WE TALK TO: We talk to all citizens who want to live in a country in which politicians do what they are paid for and meet their legal obligations. A state in which national and party interests are secondary, and dignity and safety of citizens is put to the fore.  

United for #jmbg for all



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